Heart of the Hudson Valley Farmer’s Market 2017 Rules, Regulations & Operations for Vendors

You  may email any required documents
to meetmeinmarlborough@earthlink.net


  • By using the slogan “Farming from the Heart of the Hudson Valley” its intent is to express a double meaning:
  • From the Heart of the Farmer / In the Heart of the Hudson Valley.
  • Explaining and relaying a significant message about our longstanding agricultural tradition/heritage; of where the markets heart – filled bounty of products come from, how they are produce with passion and where they are grown with caring hands.
  •  To provide Marlborough area residents and visitors in the Heart of the Hudson Valley & Southern Ulster County area; with local farm fresh, high quality, regional produce and homemade food products.
  • To support family-based farming, farmers and food producers primarily in the Hudson Valley and secondarily in New York State as a whole.
  • To educate customers regarding product sold at the market and make customers aware of issues important to farmers, food producers and consumers in the Hudson Valley and New York State.
  • To create a market that is knowledgeable and pleasant and that meets the needs of customers and vendors.
  • To operate the market, not only as a venue for the direct sale of food and food products, but as a resource that is an integral part of Marlborough and the surrounding community.
  • To give consumers the opportunity to buy locally, direct from farmers will help sustain farming, strengthen local economy, add to the quality of living and help to keep the Hudson Valley green.
  • To support your local farmer is to support your local farmers market.

Events: The market is striving to have an event every Saturday. Example – 1st Sat. Crafts, 2nd Sat. Music, 3rd Sat., Farm to Table Cooking Demo’s with local restaurant Chef’s/Follow the Chef Series, plus ; Healthy Living Expo, Heirloom Tomato Tasting, Family Fishing Day, HHV Bounty Festival, Thanksgiving Farmers Market and Winter Farmers Market.

Market Season & Hours:
Opening Day Saturday June 24 through October 7, 2017
Saturdays 9:00am – 2:00pm (set-up 8 am – 8:30 am, disassemble 2:15)
October 1st, 10am – 4pm – Heart of the Hudson Valley Bounty Festival (back section of park) Cluett Schantz Park
November 19th, 10am – 4pm – Buy Local/Thanksgiving Farmers Market- Marlboro Elementary School
Market Location: 1801-1805 Rt. 9W, Cluett-Schantz Memorial Park, parking lot directly off Rt 9W, Milton, NY 12547

Vendor Fees:

  • Fees must be paid at time of application for each specific dates. All necessary forms are due with application and fee.
  • Schedule Participating Day – Discounted Fee – $22/day due by deadline of 5/30/2017 – (Must include a selection of scheduled days throughout the season) (Additional days can be added)
  • Farmers Market Applications postmarked after the 5/30/16 deadline – $25/day
  • Festival Application Fee – See Festival Application for pricing
  • Buy Local/Thanksgiving Farmers Market Event – See Buy Local Application for pricing

What can be sold at the Market: Vendors agree to sell primarily produce/products grown/made on their farm or at their business located in the Heart of the Hudson Valley. Produce/products from other farms/businesses not in this market scope, but within New York State, cannot exceed 20% of what the vendor offers for sale. Produce/products not from applicant must be clearly identified as such. When circumstances such as severe weather eliminate availability of Hudson Valley produce, vendors may substitute produce/products from other regions within New York State or from the next closest region and must identify the source of such offerings.

The following LOCAL products can be sold at the market: Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, seafood and mushrooms. Prepared foods such as dairy products, baked goods, smoked meats and fish, pasta, relishes, salsa, sauces, dried foods, honey, maple syrup, herbs and herbal products. Specialty products such as plants, flowers, cookbooks and refreshments as reviewed by management.

Sale of products not listed above: must be approved at least one week in advance by the market management.

Quality of Products: All products sold at the market must be of high quality. If the manager deems a product inferior in quality the vendor agrees to withdraw the product immediately.

Storage of Products: Highly perishable foods, prepared food and specialty products must be refrigerated and stored in compliance with all applicable laws.

Weights and Measures: Goods may be sold by weight, volume container/package or count. All weights, measures, packaging and labeling must comply with all applicable laws. Vendors must be certified by Ulster County re: Weights and Measures.

Sanitation: Receptacles for garbage are not provided. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area neat at all times, carrying out all garbage with them at day’s end.

Services: There is no water or electricity on site. Bathroom facilities are located inside the park.

Space Assignment: Vendor space will be assigned according to management discretion.

Conduct: Vendors must conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. The management can require a vendor or employee of a vendor to leave if their conduct be deemed inappropriate.
Entertainment/Education Programs: On an availability basis.

Display Guidelines: All vendors must keep their tent, merchandise, equipment, vehicles, displays within the space assigned to them. Pedestrian flow cannot be impeded by the vendor’s set up. Vendors must maintain their space in a manner that does not block the customer’s view of or impede access to other vendors in any way. Vendors must have a sign that prominently identifies the name of their farm/business and its location. Vendors are encouraged to list all products offered each week.

Display Safety: Tents/canopies must be secured at all times. All vendors are required to provide and use weights to insure the tents stability thus avoiding any unforeseen hazardous condition. Tent stakes alone, are impractical at MFM. Water filled vessels, sand bags or other methods, to be provided by the vendor, will be inspected each weekly by the market manager.

Insurance Requirements: All vendors must carry at least $1,000,000 in public liability coverage for The Heart of the Hudson Valley –Marlborough Farmer’s Market, Marlborough Agricultural Alliance and the Town of Marlborough, with the locations and dates stated, for full season June-Oct. & special events. A photocopy must accompany this application.

Licenses, Permits, Certifications & Other Laws: All necessary licenses, permits and certificates which vary depending on the product being sold, must be displayed as required during hours the market is opened. Vendors must submit photocopies of all applicable licenses and permits with this application. All vendors are responsible for conforming to all applicable laws of New York State and Ulster County, including labeling, food handling and safety within an open market, weights and measures, and collection of sales tax where applicable.