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Meet Me in Marlborough:
Serving up the Hudson River Valley Agri-CULTURAL Style


Marlborough has been rich in its farming tradition since 1709. Its Tuscan-like setting, with farms from the riverbanks to the magnificent Marlborough Mountains, is a perfect place for single people, couples, families, and groups to experience true agriculture.

mmim300nysFTJust follow the Meet Me in Marlborough Farm Trail logo to:

  • Enjoy a sip of vintage wines at our wineries
  • Taste the delicious fresh fruits, vegetables and specialty items at the farms/pick your owns and farmers market
  • Indulge in homemade baked goods at our bakeries/eateries
  • Savor the exquisite farm to table cuisine at our restaurants
  • Relax at our romantic B&Bs / Luxury spas
  • Experience the arts, history, live entertainment, family fun, festivials and events
  • Shop at an array of attractive shops for antiques, jewelry, handmade items, crafts and much more
  • Learn about an variety of unique businesses and services available in the Hudson Valley.
  • Discover our neighboring Hudson Valley attractions; hiking, biking, parks, mansions, museums and waterfronts.

All this and more, with breathtaking pastoral views, located in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. Come let us personalize a day/weekend package suited especially for you. Individuals, Couples, Families and Corporate Tours available. Transportation (Taxi/Limo) available. Call 845-616-7824.

Along the Hudson fertile ground for produce, wine & antiques
David Handschuh, Daily News, September 13th 2008


Tour Participants Testimonials

Dear MMiM,

Thanks for putting together a wonderful week package,as Marion has noted, we were amazed by your generosity and by your vast intimate knowledge of the local businesses. I was also impressed with the proprietors willingness to give the area businesses location if they did not provide the service or product especially when we mentioned the “Meet me in Marlborough”concept.

The burger at Raccoon Saloon was probably one of the best I have ever tasted.The warm reception we received at Annie,s Lounge,the music was great not forgetting the tasteful margarita all of which will be a lasting memory.

I have already made two referrals and I will be returning to Marlborough in August with friends.This this primarily due to the warm reception we received. You will be hearing from me towards the end of the month.


Dear MMiM,

It was great speaking with you today. Sorry to get back to you so late, but here is the pros and cons and wish list for a future trip.

Basically, I enjoyed each tour very much. I forget the name of the proprietors, but did meet with most when we went to each excursion.

First, I’d like to say that you have been terrific getting back to me with information so fast. It was amazing! And the fact that you contacted all the proprietors of the places you listed. The itinerary was mapped out very efficiently and the map provided by your web site is excellent. I also liked the MMIM listing of participants and their explanation of what they do and upcoming events. That’s a very helpful reference tool.

Here is a listing of the places we visited and my experience at each:

Overlook Market: This was very cute. We met the owners (husband and wife) and they were very nice. We also enjoyed the gift shop. I especially liked the jewelry there. The manager there (owner?) was also very gracious.

Lawrence Farms: We stopped here (but don’t know if it was a MMIM member) since Cerene had been there before. It was very pretty with a wonderful view.

Benmarl Winery: We did a wine tasting there which was fun. This also had a spectacular view. We mentioned you to them and they were appreciative.

Gomez Mill House: Unfortunately, we drove right by this without realizing it and didn’t get a chance to go back. I would very much like to go back next time. It looks like it has a lot of history about it. A couple staying at the bed and breakfast said they went there and described it to us,and that they very much liked it.

Coyote Ridge Stables: Since Cerene does not horseback ride, we didn’t take advantage of this, but I would like to do it next time I’m back.

Genter Jewelers: They were closed both times we were in the neighborhood (though one time might have been too late). We can check it out next visit.

Locust Grove Fruit Farm: We did not get an opportunity to visit this orchard.

Stephanie’s Spa: This looked really neat but we didn’t have a chance to visit even though it was right in town. Would like to check it out in the future. The building looks really nice.

Raccoon Saloon: We told the owner (manager, guy with dirty blond hair) you referred us and he was most attentive.

The Brick House: Unfortunately we didn’t have time to check this out, though it looked very inviting. I would like to do it next time.

Outdoor Concert: This was delightful. To be outdoors listening to a live band (the Cuban band apparently was in an accident so couldn’t make it but the alternate band (which was from Brooklyn) was really good. They played
various types of music from rock to country.

Hudson Baking Company: We went there for a mid day snack. We told two women there (I think one said she was your second cousin) and they were very charming. It was a cute bakery and will go back there to get a meal the next time I’m back in Marlborough country.

Buttermilk Falls: This was an enchanted place. Jody was very nice (we told her you recommended us) and provided us with a helpful map which guided us through the premises. Depending on the expense, maybe I can stay there next time (I don’t remember whether their rates were per room or per double occupancy.

Prospect Hill Orchards: The owner was so nice and you were so nice to take us there even when they should have been closing. We especially felt lucky since it was his last day. The scenery was beautiful and the cherries

Tottens Antiques: We didn’t get a chance to check this out until too late in the day (which is too bad since we did want to go antiquing. It will be on our list for next visit.

Glorie Winery: We mentioned that you recommended this to the owner there and we did a wine tasting with his sister who was very knowledgeable on the wines and the way they are made.They were both very nice.

Frank’s Deli:We did not get a chance to visit this establishment.

Riverhill B&B: This place was enchanting and Helen and Roger were so nice. She is an excellent cook. I couldn’t believe the view. Everything was immaculate and comfortable. We very much enjoyed the other visitors staying there. It was lots of fun.

Some other things we might like to do next time: In addition to the things noted above (horseback riding, antiquing, spas and other restaurants we didn’t get to) I would like to go to the Willow Tree Farm and art exhibits.

The only suggestion that I could make and I don’t know whether it’s feasible much less that critical, is maybe getting via e-mail the names of the contacts (which you provided to me) of the people at these establishments who you think you might like contacted (to say that you referred them to us). It was great though that you provided us with the names so that we could meet them.

I have already told one friend and she was amazed at how thoroughly and quickly you put this together. She thought the trip sounded great. I will be forwarding her the web site and the 7/5 e-mail that provides an overview of some of the places you recommended.

Thanks for everything and for being so attentive to our every need. Will spread this information around to my friends.

Best wishes,